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Dec 29

Promotional Lanyard Custom for Businesses

The cost-of living crisis is affecting businesses severely, forcing many industries to take cost-cutting steps. It's a vicious cycle that profits fall, which means companies need to invest in marketing efforts. However, many don't have the money to spend on marketing campaigns.

As the world becomes digitalized, visual content will be king. (Tik Tok anyone?) It is becoming more important to brand and make sure your target audience sees you. This applies to all spheres of digital marketing. As the high street fades away, traditional marketing and advertising avenues are losing their value. There is still plenty of exposure outside of our phones. Businesses should explore different options to maximize their potential exposure.

Many businesses are finding cheaper options to expensive digital marketing strategies and are turning to promotional lanyard custom to solve their marketing problems.

How can a promotional custom lanyard printing benefit your business?


Marketing strategies must include awareness of your brand. Your logo and company colours form an important part of your brand identity. They help you distinguish your business from the rest by helping you to stand out.

You or your marketing team should make visual branding a priority. What better way to do this than with lanyard custom?

Custom Lanyard have the advantage of being completely customizable to fit your business or organization. You can have your company logo, branding, or text printed directly onto lanyards in a variety pantone-matched colours. Businesses looking to increase their corporate profile will find this feature very attractive. By personalizing your lanyards with your branding, you can help keep your brand consistent across all aspects of your business.

Your company branding can be printed on lanyard custom to make your business look professional and official to clients and customers. Lanyards are often the first impression your business makes on a wider audience. Lanyards are a powerful tool for brand identity. A branded lanyard Singapore can not only be used for promotion, but it can also communicate professionalism to your staff, increasing exposure and your business' visibility outside of work.


Because lanyards, particularly staff, are often purchased in bulk, they can be both cost-effectively and affordable. They can also be used throughout your company or organization for access and identification purposes. Neck lanyards can be easily seen by anyone, employees or visitors. This allows you to ensure that your brand, marketing, and promotion are getting maximum exposure at a minimal cost.

Customised Lanyard Singapore is easy to make and inexpensive to buy in bulk. This makes them a popular choice for organisations and businesses looking to reduce costs.

Even though they are narrow, lanyards offer a large print area. You can also repeat a design around it (a lanyard's standard length is 900mm on each side). It is instantly identifiable and reduces the cost per impression (which is the item's cost divided by how many times it is seen) to a fraction of a penny. Lanyards are a cost-effective and more effective way to reach your target audience than a full promotion strategy.


Handing out customized lanyard singapore at events is a great way to promote your company or product. Even lanyard accessories can be added to increase their wearability.

Even if you don't want your staff to give lanyards away as promotional items, they are still an excellent idea for security purposes at all events. Lanyards are a practical way to carry identification cards.

Aquaholic Gifts: How can we help?

Aquaholic Gifts is a great alternative to marketing or promotion.

There are a variety of lanyard custom available to fit all budgets. We also have a page with buying tips. This allows you to be fully informed about the product before you buy, so that you are clear on what you want and what your purchase will cost.

This buying guide contains everything you need to know about choosing the right lanyard. It includes information on dimensions, fittings and fabric as well as how to choose colours. These guidelines should make it as simple as possible to buy your lanyards.

Our team can help you decide if you're still not sure. We can also send you samples from previous projects to help you choose the right Lanyard.

We treat our customers with the utmost respect and have built a great team to offer exceptional service. If you are interested in purchasing promotional Lanyards or a custom design, and need excellent service at an affordable price, please call our sales team from Aquaholic Gifts