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Nov 10

Concrete can be utilized for a variety of constructions as well as installations. Its multi-faceted nature and impressive toughness make it an excellent choice for projects on the exterior, especially. A common use for concrete is to construct driveways. Take a stroll within the Fort Wayne, Indiana area where you're bound to encounter plenty of driveways made from concrete. There are many reasons that concrete driveways are the ideal choice for a homeowner - a few of which we'll run through below. At Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co we're confident to our customers that we're among the finest in the business for this type of work - and you'll be able to feel at ease about our quality of the final product if you place your trust in our staff. To find out more about concrete driveways, you can either read below or speak directly to one of our Customer Service representatives.

Decorative Driveway

Are you tired of the basic gray concrete finish? If your answer is a yes, an attractive driveway choice is the right choice for you. Also called stamped concrete decorative concrete gives extra design and appeal to a new concrete driveway. It's also an option that's perfect for updating an existing driveway. This method helps add dimension to your landscape by making it more distinctive to you. With the right concrete driveway contractors, you will achieve a surface that's even more beautiful and appealing than what you'd imagine it to be.

Concrete Driveway Installation

Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co., our company Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co. is operating in the concrete industry for years. We offer concrete services within Fort Wayne, IN. Fort Wayne, IN area. We know how essential it is to have a correctly put in concrete driveway to make sure you get your money's worth. Thus, we follow an exact concrete driveway installation process to ensure that you get the best outcomes.

For you to have five-star-quality concrete driveway, we will follow these steps:

  1. Project Site Evaluation
    • As a premier concrete contractor, we are sure to perform a site survey before the actual construction begins. We typically check the type of soil within the area as well as make sure it's challenging. We then take what is necessary to ensure it works for and the surface of concrete.
  2. Preparation and delivery of Materials
    • The construction of concrete driveways require onsite preparation. This involves processing building permits in addition to hauling debris as well as other elements out of the construction zone. This lets us begin fresh. We also assess the project site to prepare for the installation on concrete slabs. This is the time when everything needs to be in place to start and finish the work on time. Most often, we opt for an already-mixed concrete mix. However, there are times when we can make it on the spot, following a concrete mix ratio that includes gravel, cement in combination with water, sand and air.
  3. Driveway Installation
    • Installing driveways can be challenging. This is why it is essential to find an expert concrete contractor perform the work for you. Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co is known for providing residential and commercial buildings with the most impressive driveways in the region. Pouring concrete is a crucial process. It is the reason we carefully do it, making sure we have concrete slabs which last for a long time. We use reinforcing steel for more strength, in particular since concrete driveways support large vehicles.
    • During the process we will ask our customers to choose- whether to go for basic concrete finishes or a decorative one. Don't worry, we'll keep in mind your preferences as we go through the process of installing, so we're able to offer you what you'd like.
  4. Quality Assurance
    • Whether it's an asphalt driveway or an concrete driveway project we will always perform an audit of quality. We are obligated for you to get your money's worth. We make sure that concrete surfaces are ready prior to when you hand over the project to you.
    • If we perform a quality inspection in the first place, we verify that the concrete is cure. Without this, we wouldn't be able to check for cracks in the driveway or other damages. Our team reviews the entire driveway in order to determine whether any concerns need to be addressed quickly.
  5. Clean-up and turnover of a new Concrete Driveway
    •       Your new driveway is ready. What's next? Well, in our case we clean it first. It's then ready for use after we turn on the property to you. Then we haul away all construction debris making sure you have a tidy freshly laid driveway.


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